2018 Strathcona Initiative

- $518 522 -

Mass Participation = Mass Impact


Since 2008, Strathcona High School has united annually to turn our motto “As One Who Serves” into reality by hosting the "Scona Initiative." Over time, it has grown and transformed into a 24-hour Bikeathon that hosts over 1200 students. Students in the Leadership Program work behind the scenes to plan and organize each Initiative, but it is the mass participation of ALL school departments, clubs, teams, and community allies that have made our past campaigns successful.

This year, the Strathcona Initiative supported the Earth Group, in partnership with the World Food Programme, for Scona's "Break the Cycle" campaign! We hosted our annual 24-hour Bikeathon on March 16-17th, and with the help of the community at large, we managed to raise a whopping $518 522 to provide over 1.6 million meals to children in need, on both a local and a global scale!!! Way to go Lords, for continuing to show others how people can make a real difference in the world when they come together.

With the conclusion of the Break the Cycle campaign, the Strathcona Initiative has raised over $2 million since 2008 in support of various charitable organizations and causes. Only time will tell what the 2019 Strathcona Initiative and future campaigns hold in store, and how Scona students will impact the global community in the years to come!

Thank you to everyone, for playing a role in making the 2018 Strathcona Initiative a massive success!!!